Support Backyard Hens


We had a productive meeting about reactivating the campaign to pass an ordinance that would permit city residents to keep up to six hens in Pierre.  We have some fun things planned. Not to give away too many details, but would anyone be willing to appear in a chicken costume in public?

Even if you don’t want to appear as a giant chicken somewhere, you can still show your support for an ordinance by contacting City Commissioners and telling them you support an ordinance.

Don’t be nervous.  They signed up to be elected officials knowing that the public would be contacting them out of the blue. And they are all genuinely decent people interested in what the public has to say. Remember, you are a voter* or know voters in the city of Pierre so your opinion matters to them.

A basic outline for communicating with Commissioners:

  1. Introduce yourself. Identify yourself as a resident of Pierre if you are. You can skip this part if you already know that person. That would be odd.
  2. Get to the point. Tell them you support the ordinance allowing six hens in Pierre.
  3. Tell them why. Briefly. One or two reasons is enough. Some popular succinctly stated reasons: You want to produce more of your own food. You think kids should be able to have a 4H project. You think an ordinance makes Pierre more desirable to young people.
  4. Ask them how they stand on the issue. Hopefully they will say  I support it”.
  5. Regardless of number 4, thank them for their time.
  6. Let us know you contacted an official. We need to know what Commissioners are thinking.

Thank you for taking local action to make our community strong.

* If you are 18 or older, be a voter. Local action means local voting.