Sign the Petition

We are moving forward with a hen ordinance in Pierre. When we go before City Commission, we want to be able show strong support for the ordinance from the community.
We need your help!
1. Sign this electronic petition by filling out this form. It’s short!
You do not have to be a Give Me Chickens or Give Me Death supporter. You can sign the petition if you do not want chickens yourself. You can sign the petition if you think this is a matter of private property rights. You can sign the petition if you are ok with chickens in your neighborhood, as long as you can’t hear them or smell them.
As you can see, we are using the term “support” loosely.
2. Contact Pierre city commissioners letting them know you support a chicken ordinance.
3. Forward this petition. The more the merrier. Did we mention it’s short?
Thank you for your help. Your voice matters in local action to make our community strong.