The petition asking Pierre city commission to support the chicken ordinance is still a going concern. Have you signed it yet? Have you asked family, friends, friendly co-workers, and social media networks to sign?

Please continue to share the petition and ask people to sign. The petition is at http://goo.gl/y5whKC

We have 132 signatures from people who live, work, shop or own property in Pierre.  The goal is to have 150 by the time we go before Commission. 

Speaking of which…


First reading for the ordinance is Tuesday April 1. If all goes according to plan, we will have second reading and public hearing Tuesday April 8. The Commission meeting starts at 5:30 at City Hall.

We need you to show up at the public hearing. We absolutely cannot leave any doubt in our Commissioners’ minds that an ordinance is well supported.

We expect a lot of the very vocal opposition to show up so we need to create a compelling visual demonstration that a chicken ordinance is widely supported. Ideally, we have standing room only, spilling out into the street attendance. Plan a crockpot dinner that night. Bring the family (kids really need to see this.)

Please pencil in April 8th on your calendar. This is seriously important.  We’ll confirm if this is a go as soon as the ordinance gets first reading.

Chapter Meeting

The chapter meeting on Monday March 31 at 6:00PM at the SD Discovery Center is important too. We hope to have 31 members by then. If you haven’t joined yet, we invite you to do so.

Your support, your membership dues, your voice, your presence. That’s local action.

And finally…

The lovely picture is of intrepid GOAL members supporting the chicken cause at the St Patrick’s Day parade.