From the lead member

First off, thank you all to those who have shared and talked and advocated for chickens and the petition. Keep up the good work.

I hope you are all able to come to our potluck on Monday night at 6PM at the SD Discovery Center. It will be great. Personally, I am using the word fantabulous.

The next big important thing to put on your calendar is the city commission meeting on April 8. If we get a first reading on April 1, then we, the chicken supporters, must show up on April 8.

I can’t tell you how important it is that you come to the meeting on April 8 without sounding like a hyperventilating fool.

This is  clear your schedule, set the TIVO, plan on a late pizza dinner important. We need every molecule of humanity we can get to the meeting. Keep in mind that we do not have ONE commissioner on record saying he or she supports the ordinance. Not ONE. And they won’t support it unless they feel there is enough public call to justify it. Crazy chicken me by myself won’t cut it.

Keep up the good work. Keep sharing, Keep talking. Your voice matters. Take action to make our community strong.