Potluck and Meeting Postponed

As expected, the blizzard is tromping its way across the state and will make conditions unsafe for our potluck scheduled for tonight.

We will postpone our potluck till Monday, April 7 at 6PM at the South Dakota Discovery Center.  All are invited.  Here is the rest of the info about what to bring and so forth.

The most important thing we were going to talk about this evening is the status of the chicken ordinance.

We are slated to give first reading for the chicken ordinance tomorrow before Commission. Should we get first reading, there will be a second reading and public hearing and that is when we need you to show up en masse.

Bring your family (even the kids). Bring your friends. Bring you co-workers. Bring random strangers off the street (assuming they, you know, support the ordinance).

We will confirm the date and time for second reading  as soon as we have it.

We were also going to talk about memberships. If you aren’t a member yet, please join today!