1st Reading Down, 2nd Reading to Go

We got first reading of the chicken ordinance which means the ordinance goes forward for second reading and public hearing on Tuesday April 15.

This is huge. HUGE!

Two things:

1. Please contact city commissioners if you haven’t already (or if you have, again) expressing your support of the ordinance. They WILL get an earful tomorrow morning or maybe even tonight from anti-chicken people. We need to counteract the negative with the positive.

2. Come to the Commission meeting on Tuesday April 15 at 5:30PM. (We probably won’t be on till 5:45) We need a STRONG turnout to show irrefutably and beyond a shadow of a doubt that a chicken ordinance has strong public support.

The ordinance passing is NOT a given. Not at all. All first reading does is indicate that the Commissioners think it needs a public hearing. We must make our case to them in the next two weeks AND at the hearing if we want chickens in Pierre.

Your presence speaks volumes.

Your voice. Local action. Community strong.