Beyond the Even Mix

As to be expected, the first reading of the ordinance got local press. KCCR and the Capital Journal both had stories this morning.

Did you notice the final line in the Capital Journal story? Commissioner “Mehlhaff said he has received an even mix of positive and negative comments.”

An even mix, in all honesty, is better than what the Commissioners were hearing in November, the last time we took a run at passing the ordinance. Then it was decidedly against. So thank you to those of you who have contact Commission this time round. Your voice matters.

And yet, again in all honesty, we have to do better than an even mix. We have to tilt the needle to the positive comments. An even mix is not compelling enough for Commissioners to risk the status quo and vote for change, no matter how reasonable and careful that change is.

Please contact City Commissioners letting them know you support the ordinance.  If you need some help formulating ideas and finding language, take a look at our FAQs.

Someone is not going to get what they want on Tuesday April 15. Who will it be?