Use Your Voice

Less than a week to the 2nd reading and public hearing of the chicken ordinance on Tuesday April 15. We expect we will be before Commission about 5:45ish (a smidge later). We’ll know more on Tuesday when the agenda is out. Watch our Facebook page and website ( for confirmation.
Long time readers of this blog (since, you know, February) will notice that  a lot of times the close out is the phrase “Your voice matters.”
We say that because it’s true. Your voice DOES matter. It really, really does.
You are invited to use your voice this coming week in one or, yes, even all these ways.
1. Email or call Commissioners. They ARE getting calls and emails from people who oppose a chicken ordinance. It is your constitutional right –  responsibility even – to tell your elected officials how you stand on issues. They can’t represent you if they don’t know.
2. Write a letter to the editor of the Capital Journal. It doesn’t have to be long or eloquent. Short and snappy works just fine. Just tell the editor why you support chickens. Email and be sure to put Letter to the Editor in the subject line.
3. Show up at the Commission meeting next Tuesday. Your presence speaks volumes. If Commissioners vote us down – and there’s always a chance they will – we want them to do it in front of a BIG crowd. We don’t want to make it easy for them. The one thing that should not be said is “Well, there just were more people against it than for it.”
Everyone – youth, seniors, professionals, families – EVERYONE who supports this ordinance should be there. And if you can’t, then please email Commissioners (and email them again) showing your support.
Thank you for you supporting the chicken ordinance. We’ve gotten this far. Let’s go a little bit further.
PS. The graphic? Found it on the internet. Let us know if you recognize from where it came.