Tuesday April 15: 2nd Reading and Public Hearing

Tuesday April 15 is the 2nd reading and public hearing for the chicken ordinance.  Your presence is so incredibly important that we are pretty sure that English does not have the words to express it.

Vital. Essential. Critical. Necessary.

Then multiply that times 100.

We MUST show Commission that this ordinance has broad, public support if we expect them to vote for it. Elected officials are loathe to change the status quo , especially if there is an element of risk involved.  And since there is strong, vocal opposition, that makes a change much less likely.

The Commission meeting starts at 5:30PM. We expect we will be before Commission about 5:45. We’ll know more specifically when the agenda is posted.

Please come. Bring your family. Bring your friends. Bring random, chicken supporting strangers.

When you show up, you speak out. Your voice matters.

Local action. Community strong.