Chickens: A matter of perspective


Today I read a column in the Capitol Journal recounting one person’s negative experiences with chickens throughout their life.  When finished I couldn’t help but think of the some old adages like “Life is what you make it” and “Attitude is everything”.  Mainly though it was just a bit sad that someone had such a gloomy perspective on chickens.  I myself have very fond memories of the times while growing up that I would visit the homes of my friends that kept chickens.  We had nothing but fun and a great time when it came to dealing with the birds.  We learned so much and had quite the adventures from time to time.  Today I still have friends around the country that keep chickens, and they too are absolutely thrilled that they can do so.  All of their Facebook posts describe the happy times they are having, and the pictures they post are filled with nothing but smiles.  The kids and parents together are picking out new chicks to add to their flocks. There are stories about egg collecting and the crazy things the birds did the day before.  Their days are filled with adventure and exploration.  They maintain a very different perspective on being able to take care of and interact with their animals, a perspective filled with rich experiences and a sense of wonder that is to be admired.