And for tonight.

For those who have not heard. The ordinance was not passed.

I took a well deserved 3 hour dinner with friends where we barely talked about chickens. It’s been 24/7 chickens for weeks around here and I wanted a few hours to take a deep breath.

So. I’m disappointed. And yes, I wish the vote had gone differently.

However. Make no mistake. This. Is. A. Win.

We got Commissioners on record. We identified the concerns of those in opposition. Those who support an ordinance have a better idea of the work that needs to be done to create a strong and viable ordinance.

We invite those in opposition to sit down with us and craft an ordinance that works for both of us. We are open to negotiating and addressing your concerns. I hope you are open to hearing how ordinances work in other communities and adopting and adapting those for Pierre.

We are reasonable people, operating – like you – from our own perspective. We need your input to make this ordinance better. Please. PLEASE. Talk to us.

Many, many other cities successfully have chicken ordinances. We can do this. This is one of the strengths of Pierre, that we are ultimately a small town with a big heart, that pulls together for what is best.

We can make this work. We can figure this out. We are not done.

Your voice matters. Local action. Community strong.

All of us.