Go Green and Clean. And Coffee. And Chickens.

The Greater Oahe Action League will be participating in the 5th annual Go Green and Clean trash collection. We will be collecting trash in Steamboat Park.

On Saturday April 26, meet in the Poplar Ave parking lot in Steamboat Park lot by the disc golf course kiosk at 8:30AM.

After we have picked up trash, we invite everyone and anyone to meet at 10:30AM at Pier 347 for coffee and conversation. Specifically, conversation about chickens (you were waiting for the chicken, weren’t you), but other things too.

This is an informal time to talk about where we are, what we’ve learned, what we’ve heard. Share. Process. Listen.

Local action is about petitions and attending meetings. But it’s also about participating in the community and having a cup of coffee with our neighbors to talk about the things that matter to us.

Local action. Community strong.