Earth Day: One Year Ago

One year ago on Earth Day, it was a snowy day here in Pierre. That can happen in late April.

One year ago, there was  a meeting at Rawlins library for citizens interested in hearing how Sioux Falls went about strengthening their chicken ordinance. The ordinance had been vaguely written and after a lengthy campaign and ordinance writing process Sioux Falls had created a strong ordinance which allows people to keep up to six chickens (or combination of six chickens and rabbits).

The organizers of the Pierre meeting had no idea how many or even if people would show up. Nor did we know if they did show up would they be interested in pursuing a local ordinance. Would they be interested in going beyond that to building our local food systems and making our community stronger and more sustainable?

But enough people showed up, a handful really but that was enough, to indicate that there was support within the community to start building a group to work on local food and sustainability/conservation issues. And we began with a chicken ordinance.

That meeting was an important date in GOAL history. While our official chapter birthday is Feb 22nd, the conception date is April 22nd.

Happy Earth Day. Local action. Community strong.