Greater Oahe Voter Information

South Dakota will hold its primary election on June 3rd. Primary elections historically have very low levels of participation with only the most engaged voters going to the polls.

When you vote in a primary election, you take action to use your voice. Your voice is all the louder if there are not that many other people speaking.

Voting on June 3 is your chance to stand up and speak out, not just for or against candidates, but on local issues placed on the ballot as well.  It is not only our right but our responsibility to weigh in on these issues to make our community strong.

Registered voters can see what will be on their ballot through the SD Secretary of State’s Voter Information Portal.

Not registered? Get info here:

Your voice matters. Local action. Community strong.

To Register:

Review the requirements:

    • Be a United States citizen
    • Reside in South Dakota (residency defined)
    • Be at least 18 years old on or before the next election
    • Not currently serving a sentence for a felony conviction which included imprisonment, served or suspended, in an adult penitentiary system (See additional felony information)
    • Not be judged mentally incompetent by a court of law

Complete, download and print the form.

Make sure your county auditor has received it  by 5PM on May 19

Greater Oahe Area Voting Information

South Dakota Secretary of State Voting Information Page