Your voice, your vote

One of our favorite things to say here at GOAL-even more than “potluck”, “chickens” or “local foods”-is “local action, community strong; your voice matters.”

We believe this. We really, really believe this.

We believe that when citizens take action on local issues that the community becomes stronger.

We believe that our voices matter so we have a right and responsibility to speak up.

We believe that we speak with our vote.

For this reason, we are asking everyone within the Greater Oahe area to ensure they are registered to vote by May 19th at 5PM local time and then actually vote on June 3rd.

We do not have an issuethat we are advocating for on any ballot . Our goal is to make voters. When voters speak, power listens.


  • Get registered by May 19.
  • Get informed by reading the local paper, listening to local radio, attending local forums.
  • Vote on Jun 3rd.

Local action. Local voting. Community strong.

Your vote matters.

One thought on “Your voice, your vote

  1. Great info for everyone Anne! Just to be sure that everyone is aware — the Chamber of Commerce candidate forum is Thursday May 22 at 6.
    And yes, if you have not registered to vote yet tomorrow is your last day to register! Denise V.

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