Why Everyone (Especially Those Under 40) Need to Vote

Today, June 3, is election day in South Dakota. We at Greater Oahe Action League encourage you to make time to vote.


  1. Because elected officials listen to voters.
  2. Because voting is part of taking local action.
  3. Because voting is a right and a responsibility.
  4. Because civics is part of civility and civilization and citizenship.
  5. Because if you don’t step up and speak out on the little things, you won’t be taken seriously when you want to step up and speak out on the big things.
  6. Because like food and music, government is best when it has strong local input.
  7. Because democracy works.
  8. Because complaining about your community doesn’t solve anything.
  9. Because your voice matters.
  10. Because voting makes your community strong.