Oahe Days Booth Volunteers

The GOAL chapter is planning to host a booth/table at Oahe Days again this year to highlight the chapter and it’s work on topics like local foods and the urban chicken ordinance (and of course Dakota Rural Action in general). We need to find folks that can be at the table for a couple of hours in order to promote our message and engage additional potential members.

GOAL will be having a chapter meeting in July (the exact date is not yet set in stone) and this is also a way that we can invite folks to show up and find out more about us. At Oahe Days for instance we can find out more about what issues people are interested in and use that to help set the tone for we focus on over the coming months. We may also have a chickens at the booth again to use as a draw and a way to get conversations started. It looks like Friday night will primarily be a set-up night and then we need to cover Saturday from about 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Sunday from 10:00 to 4:00.

Please let me know what days and times you would be available to help get our message out to the public during Oahe Days. At the moment I have only one volunteer confirmed and that’s just not going to cut it. I know folks are busy with all kinds of plans, but if we don’t have the help then there is no point in setting anything up.  Contact me at 2ndleadmember@greateroaheactionleague.org or bthemmelman@pie.midco.net if you are available.