Building a local food culture

We had a great time on the farm tour on Sunday. Seeing the behind the scenes at B&G produce was fun and informative.

And we got to sample fresh-off-the-vine beans and dig potatoes.

Our meeting was productive. We’ll send out the minutes to our mailing list (you ARE on our mailing list, right?) soon.

We also had a good conversation about how we can promote and support local foods in our area. We brainstormed the following ideas:

  • Provide ongoing public relations about local foods and producers
  • Highlight nutritional benefit of local/organic foods
  • Highlight local foods as self-sufficiency/resiliency action in the face of environmental/climate stressors (i.e. drought in California)
  • Promote seasonal eating
  • Connect Harvest of the Month to Farmers’ Markets
  • Facilitate SNAP/WIC access to local foods
  • Research barriers and challenges people face in choosing local foods (i.e. why aren’t local foods the default choice?)
  • Connect people to food skills e.g. canning workshops put on by Extension

These are all different scales of action: some large and ongoing, others small and relatively achievable.

What do you think? What do we need in our community to promote local foods?