Winter is coming. And so is chicken art.

First of all, thanks to everyone who attended the DRA Annual Meeting. If you missed it, pencil in early Nov 2015 for next year’s meeting. You won’t regret it. Come for the food alone.

I know it’s cold, not to mention dark outside. Things like gardening, fresh produce and warm days feel like maybe they won’t return. They will, of course, but it does feel like summer has stomped off in a snit.

If you want a project to work on that calls to mind warmer days, I invite you to get your chicken lawn art ready this winter. We have wooden chicken cut outs that you can paint anyway you want. See, for example, the example below. Her name is Lucinda and she has a steampunk vibe.

You don’t have to do a steampunk chicken. You can do realistic, country, folk art, surreal or even Mark Rothko-esque modern. I have no idea what that might look like, however.

Let us know if you want a cutout to paint by Jan 15. Chicken art launch date is March 1 ish. (we’ll have a painting party in February) If you would display a chicken but don’t want to paint it yourself, we can help with that.

We want to saturate the town with chicken art. We want to SHOW just how many people support chickens. Help us spread the word.

Another reason to get a cutout it and display it: If your chicken is exceptionally creative, it might win a prize. (TBD and the real value will actually be the bragging rights.)

Let us know if you want a chicken cutout. We have a pre-Thanksgiving special of a suggested donation of $5. We deliver!


Lead member