Mostly (but not All) About the Chicken

Lots of important chicken updates!

Chicken Yard Art

If you signed up for wooden chicken yard art, it’s ready to deliver.

We will be emailing (check your spam folders) texting and calling to find out your address so we can get your chicken to you. Make her as beautiful or wild as you want.

A donation returned in the addressed, stamped envelope helps defray the cost of the wood.

Check out the art so far!

Chicken meeting

We will meet Thursday April 16 at 7pm at 608 Pleasant Street for another ordinance planning meeting.

On the agenda: watching last year’s Commission hearing. We want to revisit what the opponents had to say and use that input to help us craft a better ordinance.

Backyard Chicken Basics

Curious about what it takes to keep backyard chickens? Join us Saturday April 25 at 10 AM for a hands-on how to of basic chicken keeping.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about raising urban chickens including finding the perfect hen, their care, coop and run design, feed, eggs, recipes, and city ordinances.

This class is designed for people who are new to backyard chickens and for those who have some experience with raising hens that need to make sure they have covered all the basics.

Warning: This a hands-on workshop. Shoveling poo could be involved. If you don’t know if you can do that, come and find out now.

Meet at 10am at 608 Pleasant. We will caravan to 1181 Dry Run Road.
GOAL Members – $5
Non members  – $10

Signup here:

Membership Meeting

Thursday, April 30. 6:30pm. Location TBA.

We’ll be catching up about chickens of course but also doing a wee bit of chapter business and hearing about our local food work. Plus the new DRA local food directories will be released. Be the first on your block to get one.