GOAL Times (Dates, Locations and Other News)

The Mostly Weekly News of GOAL

We Need You!

One of the most delightful aspects of GOAL and DRA is that they are member driven. Members, working together, set the agendas and make them happen. The paid staff is there to facilitate. They advise, consult and support, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the members to see conservation/local foods/chickens/small family farms become a Thing.

An active and engaged membership is more than a little essential. Without the members showing up, speaking out, getting involved-without YOU-things get a little… slow.

Honestly, things don’t happen.

We invite you to get involved in a real, tangible way because we need you. We aren’t begging (much). But your participation is MUCH desired.

We have three committees that could use your participation: chicken ordinance, local foods, and O&E (outreach and engagement).

You can talk to Anne about chickens. You can talk to Sabrina about local foods. And you can talk to Jenn about O&E.

Please and thank you.

Other Important Stuff

Speaking of committees, the local foods committee will meet Monday, June 1 at 7pm at the South Dakota Discovery Center.

Chicken committee meeting will meet Monday, June 8 at 7pm at Red Rossa.

We will need people to help staff our booth at Oahe Days June 19-21 (i.e. the members getting involved thing mentioned above). Please contact Jenn if you can take a few hours.

Our membership goal for the year is 50 members. We are so close. Please ask a friend to join!

We have a new logo! Look for this on our Facebook page. Question: what kind of swag do you like and use? Tshirts? Water bottles? Reuseable bags? Wine bottle openers?

GOAL logo final_picmonkeyed

Upcoming Events

  • Local foods committee meeting – June 2, 7pm. South Dakota Discovery Center
  • Chicken committee meeting – June 8. 7pm. Red Rossa.
  • Oahe Days. June 19-22
  • Member meeting. July 24. Location TBA.

Food for Thought

Local foods, whether you grow it yourself or buy from a farmer you know, are essential to building resiliency in our food systems.

Hyper-efficient, highly centralized systems are vulnerable to fluxes. Crashes are hard and felt widely. We only have to look at drought stricken California, the source of many of our fruits and veggies or the egg and poultry producers in Iowa and Minnesota reeling from avian flu to see evidence of this.

A strong local food system can soften and mitigate some of those crashes. Having redundancies and overlaps in how we get our food is critical for food security for our families and communities.

Support your local food producer. Support your local food system. This is action that makes our community strong.