Ordinance Text

As promised, the revised text of our ordinance is posted. What’s different from the last version?

After reviewing testimony before Commission, comments from residents (both pro and con), and ordinances from other cities including Sioux Falls and Hot Springs we made two significant changes:

  • Coop setbacks are now 20 feet from neighboring residences. The three foot setback from property lines remains.
  • We changed the requirement to keep chickens from obtaining a license to obtaining a permit.The permit is an important management tool allowing maximum compliance with minimal regulation. We can change the requirements of a permit more easily than those of an ordinance in response to conditions on the ground rather than aggregated hearsay from other locations.

Draft Ordinance Text

Draft Permit Conditions

We invite you to our public meeting on Aug 27 at 7pm at the Chamber to give your feedback.

You may also provide feedback via the form below.

Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.