Lexicon of Sustainability: Follow Up

​We had a lovely time at our Lexicon of Sustainability fundraiser on Friday Oct 2. Good food, good art, good speaker, good wine (thanks, ChrisaMari) and beer (thank you, Crow Peak Brewing) and most of all, good PEOPLE (that would be you if you attended).

We rely on this fundraiser to help out with operating expenses. If you didn’t attend, no worries. You can still contribute to GOAL. We need your support! Please give.

 Why should you contribute?
  • We need money for things like leadership development, room rentals for workshops, and stamps. Our leadership team actually covers a lot of out of their own pockets, but they can’t cover everything. We need everyone!
  • We have big campaigns coming up. We want to buy radio ads for the chicken campaign and do a big mailing for the local foods campaign.

  • We have a special matching gift. If we can raise $250, that will be matched by a $250 gift. Thank you to everyone who has donated. If you haven’t, please donate today!

  • Your contribution helps make our community strong. Donate today!

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