Draft Permit Conditions

In the 2015 version of the ordinance to keep chickens in Pierre the permit is an important tool to help protect neighbors from “bad actors” who will not responsibly maintain their coops. Greater Oahe Action League seeks to have minimal regulation with maximum compliance and recognizes finding that “sweet spot” between regulation and compliance may require an iterative process. Being that a permit is easier to revise than an ordinance, we offer the conditions below for the first version of the permit of those wishing to keep chickens.

Below are recommended conditions to obtain a permit to keep chickens within the city of Pierre.

In the permit, applicants shall

  • State number of chickens to be maintained (no more than 6)
  • Include a sketch plan showing where the coop and run will be located on their property and proper setbacks from property lines and neighboring residences
  • Agree to locate coop and runs in rear or side yard
  • Agree to not slaughter chickens on property
  • Agree to store food in a rodent proof container
  • Agree to maintain coop to minimize odors with regular removal of feces and soiled bedding.
  • Agree to have on site supervision if chickens are not cooped.
  • Agree to not keep chickens for commercial or industrial use.

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